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The History of Revlon Makeup

Revlon makeup is renowned the world over for their innovative and flawless beauty products. From humble beginning in 1932 making nail varnish they rapidly grew to be one of the biggest beauty product manufactures in the world. Revlon makeup is still a core product for the company, but they branched out and now make perfume, skincare and antiperspirant products.

Revlon Makeup - The Early Years

In 1932, during the Great Depression, the brothers Charles and Joseph Revson along with a chemist called Charles Lachman developed and launched a new form of nail varnish. Instead of using dyes they used pigments in their nail polish, which gave their product a far superior depth and range of colours than any other brand. They named their company by taking the L from Lachman and replacing the S in their own surname with it, hence Revlon.

All three of the founders had previously worked in the beauty industry in sales or production, so their innovative nail varnish was quickly widely available. By 1934 the company had already grossed $68,0000 whilst offering just one product line. Within 6 years they were a multimillion dollar company.

In 1935 they began to sell to department stores and started using national advertising to sell Revlon makeup they were the first cosmetic company to use national advertising. By 1940 Revlon was offering an entire manicure line and added matching lipsticks to their range. By the late 1950s a full range of Revlon makeup products became available and the company began to sell their products worldwide.

Revlon Makeup - Today

Whilst Revlon's market share has dropped a little in the past decade their makeup still remains popular and they continue to release new and innovative high quality additions to their makeup range. Recently they have added an age defying foundation and a plumping mascara and eyeliner to their range. Along with a mineral finishing powder and new superfast drying nail varnishes.

Revlon continues to produce only high quality products leaving the economy market to other makeup companies, so when you buy Revlon makeup you know you are buying the best.


The Drying Effects of Soap and Water

Every now and again, everyone needs a little skin care to keep skin form losing its natural moisture. The human body is an amazing machine that is made up of more than 70 percent water.

The epidermal layer of the body is referred to as skin that is kept moist and supple by the bodys natural oils. However hard water and soap dry out the skin and leave a residue on the surface of the epidermis that cause skin to block the natural oils and dry out. Flaky dry cracked skin appears in the place of smooth silky skin and can be an irritating nuisance and an unsightly inconvenience. Designed as a cleanser, soap actually dries out the skin through taking of the ultra thin layer of oil that the human body secretes to keep the skin moist. In pace of the natural body oil, soap leaves a fine resin that leaves the skin feeling clean but is in fact robbing the skin of its slick or slippery sensation. If a person were to take a bath and use soap the layer of residual soap that appears in the water after a soak in the tub is what is left on the body after a bath or shower.

Hard water particles also contribute to the drying of skin as the microscopic particles in the water form a bond with soap that makes it stay on the surface of the skin. It is the combination of cohesive elements in the water and the soap that blocks the moisturizing oils under the surface of the skin from escaping through the pores and keeping skin naturally moist.

Cosmetic Companies have introduced products over the years to restore the moisture to the outer layer of the skin that is designed to form a barrier of protection from the drying effects of the sun and the climates of arid air that dry out the skin and cause damage to the epidermal layer of tissue.

Moisturizers not only form a protective barrier they also penetrate the surface of the skin to help restore lost moisture and heal dry cracked skin.

Moisturizing creams use plant extracts to restore lost moisture without chemical additives that can cause further harm to skin.

Aloe extracts have been widely adopted as a primary healing ingredient in moisturizing products because of the natural ability of the plant to relieve irritation and burning of damaged skin.


Choosing The Right Color For your Nails

Nail color and polish is one way that you can play with your fashion profile by changing your overall look and make a statement about who you are. Choosing the right color can bode very well for you, and correspondingly, choosing the wrong color will sink your "class level" quicker than you can drop a glove. By purchasing long-lasting brands of nail polish and employing a few little-known beauty tricks, you can have nails to die for that won't kill your budget. Make your homemade manicure last as longer, if not longer, than those who can afford the maintenance.

When choosing a polish, not only is the color important, but what you use as a base and top coat as well. In fact the base coat and top coat can make a huge difference. When I do a client with natural nails, if they are not on a program (like nailtiques or develop ten) I almost always use a bonder. It helps the polish stay better and is thin so it doesn't add much to the overall thickness. If you are having a hard time getting polish to adhere to the nail properly try a bonder base coat first.

Hang your nails out to dry In order to prevent chipping and to keep your nail polish from slipping away, your nail polish must be completely dry! This is why I may wait up until an hour to apply a clear coat of nail polish. If you can't wait an hour, you can skip this step if you are doing your toes. The advice I have already given you will make your nails shiny. Let your nails dry, and then apply a clear coat. For extra coverage, purchase an anti-chipping nail polish, such as one by Sally Hansen.

Another nail art technique that is becoming very common is the Konad system, a system of tools which allows you to make rapid patterns on your client's nails. This procedure is made possible using cutting edge twenty-first century applied science.

The vital piece of the Konad stamping system is a special image plate etched with an assortment of handsome shapes. When using the system, the artist brushes on a special Konad coloured nail polish to the plate and then transports the resulting pattern onto the client's nails with an original konad stamping .

Using a water-based Non-Toxic Nail Polish product gives you a pleasing feeling. They come in more than 20 different shades and are extremely environment friendly. It is always suggested to apply conditioner before applying them for better results. A good conditioner creates a barrier between the natural oils in the nail bed and the polish and prevents the breakdown of your shine.

Next, make sure that your nails are in tip-top shape. File them, clip them, and buff them until any cracks or broken edges have been smoothed. If you start with healthy nails, they will be less prone to breaking, which will ensure that your nails will resist chipping. Apply a clear base coat to each nail and wait for it to thoroughly dry. Then, apply your color, wait for it to dry, and apply a second time.


Make-Up Tips to Help you Look Fresh and Natural

Applying make-up is a natural part of a woman's daily routine. Recently, there has been a trend to adopt the make-up principle: "Less is more." Many women are now looking for a more natural look when wearing make-up. How a woman achieves a natural look will depend on individual skin type. The skin type, color, and tone will affect how one achieves a natural look.

The right type of makeup and application techniques will determine the type of natural look one creates. The key to a natural look is to use less make-up. The following general tips outline how to attain a natural and fresh appearance:

Foundation Primer: After you have cleansed and dried your face thoroughly, you may want to apply a Primer. A Primer will smooth the skin surface so that the make up will blend more naturally. If needed, apply a moisturiser first.

Foundation: The type of foundation you uses is essential to achieving a 'natural look.' You need to use a foundation that matches your skin tone. Foundations can come in a variety shades that includes dark, beige, medium, and light. Liquid foundation should be applied lightly so that it blends into the skin. Make sure that it blends in to cover any wrinkles and lines. Use a foundation that is one shade lighter than your natural skin color. It should be applied to the face and the top of the neck.

For clear skin, use a tinted moisturizer because it blends without looking smudgy.
If you have acne problems, use an oil free foundation. It covers acne well. For normal skin, you can use a regular foundation. Lightweight foundation is best for people with dry skin. Wearing moisturizer without foundation is the most natural look.

Concealer: After applying the foundation, the next step is to apply the concealer. A concealer will smooth the skin and help cover any dark circles, blemishes, and lines. Under-eye concealers should be lighter than your skin tone. For the most natural look, concealers should match the foundation shade. Use the concealer lightly.

Bronzer: After applying the concealer, you can apply a small amount of bronzer. A bit of bronzer will help achieve a healthy and fresh look. Brown tones are more natural. Make sure that you apply it to the neck to avoid a two-color face. Use sparingly.

Eye Color: Apply a tinted mascara to your eyelashes. It will make your lashes look naturally dark. When applying eye-shadow, light neutral tones look more natural. A thin line of eye liner will make lashes appear fuller and more natural. The color applied to the eyebrows should match the natural brow color. Apply sparingly.

Blush: The color of the blush should be similar to the color of your cheeks. Choose a shade that provides just a bit of color. Not using pressed powder will help create a more natural look. A moist sponge will help the blush settle.

Lip Color: For your lips, use a clear lip gloss or chapstick. It will emphasise your lips while making them look natural.

The amount of make-up one wears is based on personal preference. If you are looking for a more natural look, make-up should be applied lightly, complement your own skin color, and the overall appearance should be simple.


What You Should Know in Hiring Bridal Hair and Makeup Artists

Wedding is a special day most girls have been dreaming of since they were just a little girl. The picture of a princess who has finally found her prince is truly romantic. It is indeed a dream come true. Thus, every bride would want to have her special day perfect or at least close to perfection. With this, you should be very particular with its every detail. A perfect dress, a perfect place to walk down the aisle, gorgeous floras, wonderful friends and loved ones and great food reception for everyone should be certain. And of course, you should also consider how everyone will look on that day, especially you as a bride. With this, hair and makeup artists can help you achieve your perfect special moment.

There are several reasons why most brides hire professional hair and makeup artists on their wedding day. Basically, it is because these people are educated, experienced and trained to help you achieve your dream bridal look. Also, this way, you won't have to worry much about yourself and how your whole entourage will look. Besides, a wedding is a special moment that shall be enjoyed by the couple. A stressful atmosphere for them is a big NO!

Bridal hair and makeup artists are experts who can help you make your precious moment an extra special one. These people can help you deal with what particular hair style will work best on you. They are also knowledgeable on what particular makeup will best compliment your skin type, your dress, your wedding's theme and your personality in general. Also, they specifically know that type of makeup is needed specially when dealing with cameras and videos. They are aware of how a makeup should be when lit with camera flashes or any other lighting tools. All these things will help you achieve your most gorgeous appearance on you wedding day and help you have that picture perfect look as well.

When planning to hire a hair and makeup artist, begin your search at least three to six months before the special day itself. This way, you'd have enough time to select the best one for you and you could make necessary arrangements with the artists at the same time. The most recommended way to land a good hair and makeup artist is through personal referrals. You may ask recent brides, married friends or wedding consultants for recommendations. You may also check the yellow pages for its wedding and beauty sections for some options. Others prefer doing online searches. There are several websites that provide a list of their local hair and makeup artists. Then, make an appointment with your prospects. Interview the candidates. An expert will typically wants to get an idea of how your dress's neckline will be, your veil's cut, the lightings and your desired bridal look. Also, viewing the artists' portfolio will help you get an idea of the looks he/she has created and specialized. Then, schedule a hair and make up trial. This way, you'd be able to know the artist's capabilities and how you would possibly look on your wedding day. With this, necessary arrangements or adjustments may still be made without ruining much on your wedding.

There you have it! Hope this one could help you have your perfect moment. Best wishes!


The Best Ways To Protect Your Skin From The Sun

We need the sun. It's a vital part of our planet, our ecosystems, and our bodies. The sun provides us with Vitamin D, which we need to live. A lack of Vitamin D in the body can cause problems ranging anywhere from joint pain to colon cancer. Yes, we need the sun.

That being said, we also know that too much sun is dangerous. Harmful UVA and UVB rays cause wrinkles, age-spots, and of course skin cancer. There's no excuse this day in age-- when so much information about our health is at our fingertips-- not to take the precautions necessary for the health of your skin. And while it seems impossible that the thing you need, that you get so much pleasure and sustenance from can also kill you. Never forget that it can.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your skin from the sun.

Watch the Hour

The sun is at its most intense (and most dangerous) between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. So if you're going to be in the sun, make sure and check the hour. Yes, even if you're using sunscreen. While sunscreens do offer some protection from the sun, and should be worn at all times while outside, it's also a good idea to avoid prolonged exposure to the most intense rays of the sun.

Wear Sunscreen

This is an obvious one, and one that we've all heard, yet some people still think this is optional. Yes, tanned skin is slimming, youthful, and beautiful, but it's not worth getting it the expense of your health-- and your future beauty. Remember, every time you sunbathe without sunscreen, you're prematurely ageing you skin. In twenty years, you'll be kicking yourself for each and every tanning session you took in your youth.

Instead of irresponsible exposure, invest in a good quality, high SPF (in case you didn't know, this stands for sun protection factor) sunscreen. Choose a long lasting sunscreen with an SPF of 20 or more. Make sure to apply sunscreen at least twenty minutes before exposure to the sun, and every two hours thereafter. Also reapply after exposure to water.

If you're prone to breakouts or worried about the texture of your skin, you don't need to. Not all sunscreens have to be pasty white or greasy. Choose sun-protection products with a lightweight, oil-free formula.

Cover Up

In the past, only UVB rays were considered the dangerous ones. But recent studies have shown that UVA rays are dangerous as well. Unfortunately, most sunscreens only protect against UVB rays. Broad spectrum sunscreens that protect against both UVA and UVB rays are harder to find, as well as less appealing-- they generally leave your skin white and pasty.

To protect your body and especially your face from both UVA and UVB rays, make sure to cover up. Large sun hats are classic, elegant, and fun to wear-- don't be afraid to bring one along on your next trip to the beach to protect the delicate skin of your face. Wear a cover-up when not in the water. These few easy steps will assure that your skin is protected, both for your future health, and your future beauty.


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